lundi 2 mai 2016

cannot alter sqlite database in installed wpf application(installshield)

I have developed a wpf application and created its setup.exe file using installshield.
I have used sqlite for database purpose
The setup file is created properly, i have added my projectname.exe file and 3 database files while creating the setup
Now the problem is that i have a signin page as first window with username and password,it has a saved password bydefalut and i am able to login that is, it can check database(access database),in 2 windows i have datagrid and it can also access the database values(as i have all the tables filled with some values while developing in vs 2015) but when i try to update or delete from database,it doesn't work,even if a try to change the password at login window,the app stops working(crashes)
I may be missing something while creating setup because in vs 2015 everything is working perfectly

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